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Third Friday at Carver Bank

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Join Carver Bank for this North Omaha cultural corridor event featuring Flock House inhabitant Manuel Cook, who will use his time in Mary Mattingly's Omaha project to create a video installation. He will also host an evening in the garden featuring DJ iRon, Edem Kegey & Transition the Band. Carver Bank will remain open for the public to view the 2013 Carver Bank Artist-in-Residence Exhibition, which features visual artist Bart Vargas, musicians Dereck Higgins and Shannon Marie and poet Portia Love. Each of these artists works within artistic traditions that have existed in and around North Omaha for decades, but now are doing so in ways that bring fresh vitality and connection to the concerns of the present day. Carver Bank is taking part in this his celebratory cultural corridor event with The Union for Contemporary Art and Love's Jazz & Arts Center. About Flock House Project: Omaha | On view through Saturday 09/20/14 What if migratory homes with autonomous systems for rainwater collection and food production were the building blocks of the city of the future? Omaha residents have considered just how our urban landscape might look in the decades to come through resident Mary Mattingly's Flock House Project, which is a group of mobile, sculptural, public habitats and self-contained ecosystems that are movable, modular, and scalable. Inspired by patterns of global human migration and pilgrimage, the Flock House Project is a multi-phase project that is part fantastic and part practical. It kicked off in Omaha in March with an exhibition of Mattingly’s previous work at the Bemis Center. Unlike traditional exhibitions, however, the display serves as the artist’s active research hub where she engaged the local community to develop plans for and fabricate new mobile living systems installed outdoors at both the Bemis Center in the Old Market and at Carver Bank in North Omaha. Omaha artists have been occupying these living systems in order to promote and implement a broader integration between Omaha’s creative and urban design communities.

Occurs once: Aug 15, 2014 (6:00 PM to 9:00 PM)
Contact Name: Carver Bank
Contact Phone: 402-933-6624

Carver Bank
2416 Lake Street, Omaha, NE 68111

Ticket Price: Free
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