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Mitchell Squire: We're gonna have to do more than talk

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Omaha has recently had a great deal of media attention surrounding crime, gun violence and the legislation that intersects it. Mitchell Squire’s exhibition We're gonna have to do more than talk at the Bemis Center’s Carver Bank venue explores how and if visual art can contribute to a better understanding and redress for the complex issues surrounding gun violence, particularly as it relates to the black community. The core of this exhibition consists of “The Young Gladiators” (2013), a series of ten works which feature bulk law enforcement paper gun range targets riddled with bullet holes. Framed in layers with the reverse side facing outward, the practice sheets place the viewers in the position of the targeted objects, which, due to the wildly variant shot patterns, resemble a highly abstracted version of the human figure. As non-art artifacts, these artillery targets don’t sensationalize or glorify gun violence; rather they provide quiet, contemplative and tangible portraits of the complex relationship between gun violence, gun control and the mediation of personal and national tragedies.

Occurs daily: (11:00 AM to 2:30 PM) [starting Jan 11, 2014 ending Mar 15, 2014]
Contact Name: Jessica Scheuerman
Contact Phone: 4029336624

Carver Bank
2416 Lake St., Omaha, NE 68111

Ticket Price: free
Ticketing Phone: 4029336624
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